Ultrasound Guided IV Placement

This week Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell posts on peripheral ultrasound-guided IV placement!

He is currently working in Haiti as an Attending at the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais’s new Emergency Medicine Residency Program (@EMHUM_Haiti).  With limited resources there, ultrasound is more important than ever!  Check out their teaching website:  http://www.emhum.com/

4 thoughts

  1. I would recommend doing this procedure as told initially, but with the added step of visualizing the vessel in plane to see the direction of the vessel to ensure that your needle is in the same plane as the vessel. Then, after inserting the needle through the the skin in the out of plane approach, convert to the in plane approach once it is confirmed that the needle is right over the vessel in the out of plane approach. This way as you advance the needle you know where the needle tip is at all times and as you advance the angiocath you can see the angiocath advance into the vessel in real time. All of this without moving the probe at all.

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