EM Blogs and Podcasts:
Academic Life in EM (Michelle Lin, MD; UCSF)
BoringEM (Brent Thoma, MD)
Broome Docs (Casey Parker, MBBS; WA)
Don’t Forget the Bubbles (Davis, Goldstein, Lawton, Tagg)- Pediatric EM
Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog (Stephen Smith, MD; Hennepin County ER)
EMCrit (Scott Weingart, MD)
emDOCS (Koyfman, MD, Singh, MD, Long, MD)
EM Lit of Note (Ryan Radecki, MD)
EMRAP (Herbert MD, Swadron MD; USC-LAC podcasts)
ERCast (Rob Orman, MD)
FoamCast (Jeremy Faust, MD, Lauren Westafer, MD)
FoamEM (RSS of EM Blog posts)
Free EM Talks
Life in the Fast Lane (Chris Nickson MD, Mike Cadogan MD)
NUEM Blog (Northwestern University EM Residency Program)
The Poison Review (Leon Gussow, MD)
Pediatric EM Morsels  (Sean Fox, MD) – Pediatric EM
Rebel EM
 (Salim Rezaie, MD)
Univ of Maryland Daily Pearls

5 min Sono (Jacob Avila MD, Ben Smith MD)
Sonospot (Stanford)
Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians (sonoguide)
Ultrasound Podcast
Ultrasound Village

Critical Care:
Critical Care Tutorials (Patrick Neligan, MD; Univ of Penn)
PulmCrit (Josh Farkas MD)

Podcast/Blog Databases
EMCC Blogs (Life in the Fast Lane)
EMCC Podcasts (Life in the Fast Lane)

EM Education:
Flipped EM Classroom (Rahul Patwari, MD; Stella Yiu, MD)
EMRAP: Educator’s Edition (Rob Rogers MD, Amal Mattu MD, Mel Herbert MD)
iTeach EM (Rob Rogers MD, Chris Nickson MD, Mike Cadoan MD)

EM in 5 resources:  (our frequent go-to sources)
Harwood-Nuss’ Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine 
Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A comprehensive study guide (7th ed)
Rosen’s Emergency Medicine
ECG’s for the Emergency Physician 1, 2 (Amal Mattu)
Medscape Reference