These videos are not guaranteed to be error free. This blog is an individual collection of data and opinions for the purpose of free medical education and should not serve as clinical advice for patients or providers.  This blog should not be used in any legal capacity, including but not limited to establishing a legal “standard of care” or as basis for expert witness testimony.  There is no guarantee of accuracy on this blog.  This disclaimer applies to all authors, guests and contributors.  This blog and its contributors are not responsible from damages arising from its use. 

 All information provided including but not limited to dosing and treatment are provided from the cited sources, the references listed on EMin5.com, or other medical resources at the time of publication.  Always refer to the most current medical resources available to you. 

 This blog is not authorized by or in representation of any departments, hospitals or organizations.

These videos represent the best efforts of a group of people dedicated to free medical education, shared for all.  If you see an error, please post on the comments section so we can all learn from our mistakes!  You can also email the collaborators listed above, and we will do our best to make the corrections!

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